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PipeSense is being funded by Innovation Fund Denmark with DKK 13.6 million and it has a total budget of almost DKK 18.6 million. The project includes four Danish partners: Logstor A/S, Creative Sight ApS, Aalborg University and Aarhus University. Photo: Aarhus Universitet

2021.04.21 | AU Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Smart sensors to provide real time data for optimized operation of the district heating grid

Researchers from the universities in Aarhus and Aalborg are working closely with leading companies to develop intelligent, battery-less sensors that communicate wirelessly to an autonomous cloud-based monitoring system.

Read more about how to apply on hubcap.eu

2021.04.15 | Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

HUBCAP: Digital innovation opportunities for SMEs

With the third round of INNOVATE applications now open, the HUBCAP project is looking for companies that want to enter into innovative collaborations to develop digital tools and products within model-based design for cyber-physical systems. Consortia of two–three SMEs may apply.

Read more about the application process on hubcap.eu.

2021.04.08 | Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

HUBCAP: Opportunities for companies with digital products

In Call #1.3 PULL, HUBCAP offers European providers of digital modelling technologies support in selling their assets and building relationships with new customers. Providers of cyber-physical systems and model-based design tools and assets may apply.