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Wireless Transceivers

The Wireless Transceivers research group addresses cross-disciplinary research and innovation across high-frequency electronics, micro-nanoelectronics and electromagnetics, focusing on the design of microwave and millimeter-wave wireless transceivers for emerging communications, networking, sensing and imaging.

The research group has a proven track record in design, implementation and experimental verification of radio transceivers for wireless local area networks, radars and radiometers for contactless sensing and imaging applications, in multi-disciplinary domains such as ICT, Health, Security, Transport, Environment and Space.

Examples are multi-Gb/s transceivers for next-generation (5G and beyond) wireless networks and communications (e.g. see Fig. 1), ultra-wideband (UWB) transceivers for high-speed short-range communications, low-power transceivers for Internet of Things, high-resolution pulse radar sensors for contactless detection of biomedical parameters, collision-avoidance automotive radars for autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles, radiometers and radars for environmental monitoring, space-born radiometric sensors for detection of solar flares and remote sensing of the terrestrial atmosphere.