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Our team (Liping, Kaspar and Rune) are present in Rotterdam for the biannual project meeting in the EU Research & Innovation project: Drones4Safety. We were presenting our latest research in autonomous cooperating drones including path planning, coordinated charging and communications. 


It has been a joyful May day with sun and successful testing of drone formation flying for power line inspections. We were visiting the UAS verification facility HC Andersen Airport near Odense to test our formation flying algorithm. Two drones were autonomously inpecting a power line cable segment.

Big thanks goes also to the SDU UAS team for their support with the testing. In the righthand photo (from left to right): Kaspar D. Hageman (AU), Oscar B. Schofield (SDU), Rune H. Jacobsen (AU), Nicolaj H. Malle (SDU), and Liping Shi (AU).

Activities were carried out as part of the Innovation Fund Denmark project: Drones4Energy.


A mock-up bridge is now established at the AU test facility at the Deep Tech Experimental Hub in Skejby, Aarhus. We have build this wooden bridge based on Leonardo da Vinci's revolving bridge design. For the coming weeks the bridge will be used as setting for our multi-drone testing activities as part of the Drones4Safety project.


The Drones4Satefy project involves a cooperative multi-drone system for critical infrastructure inspection. A critical element is the drone swarm's ability to cooperatively decide when, where and who should charge to support a continous inspection operation. Kaspar David Hageman, Postdoc Researcher at the Networks and Analytic group explains how his team is developing a multi-drone system with an optimazed charging schedule within the frame of EU Drones4Safety project. Read the full article at this link: https://lnkd.in/dsEUCUMr