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Read more about the application process on hubcap.eu.

HUBCAP: Opportunities for companies with digital products

2021.04.08 | Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

In Call #1.3 PULL, HUBCAP offers European providers of digital technologies support in selling their assets and building relationships with new customers. Providers of cyber-physical systems (CPS) and model-based design (MBD) tools and assets may apply.

"With this technology, we can address the huge societal problems that electronics already present, and which will only get more pressing in the future," says Assistant Professor Shweta Agarwala. Photo: Shweta Agarwala.

Deciphering the secrets of Printed Electronics

2021.03.29 | AU Engineering

We live in a world where we want our electronics to be flexible, bendable and stretchable apart from being intelligent. Printed electronics technology has emerged as the main route to enable this vision. A team of researchers from Aarhus University has now published a comprehensive review of its development that will enable researchers to address…

Even minor changes in natural and climate conditions are quickly reflected in the insect population, and it is therefore vital to monitor developments.Researchers from Aarhus University have developed an intelligent counter to help automated nature monitoring. (Photo:Colourbox)

Intelligent insect counter opens new opportunities for nature monitoring

2021.03.18 | AU Engineering

Engineers and biologists from Aarhus University have developed an intelligent light trap that can count insects and determine their species as they fly past. This could significantly boost nature monitoring.


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