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Practical information on Engineering Projects

The actual assignment for the Bachelor of Engineering project is provided by the company. The final problem statement will often be made through a collaboration between the company, the supervisor and the students.

The Bachelor of Engineering project is usually completed in groups of 2-3 people and takes place over the 7th semester, which runs either from the end of January to the beginning of June or from mid-August to mid-December.

Project supervisor

Each group is assigned a teacher or possibly an engineer from the company that has submitted the proposal for the project. Once the topic has been approved by the supervisor, the group prepares the final problem statement, which must then be approved by a certain deadline. The problem statement is the foundation of the project and is therefore also the basis for the final assessment.


If a Bachelor of Engineering project is to run over the spring semester, a rough outline should be completed by mid-November in the previous year. If a Bachelor of Engineering project is to run over the autumn semester, a rough outline should be completed by mid-May in the previous semester.


When one or more students complete a Bachelor's project in collaboration with a company, we draw up an agreement with a description of what has been agreed regarding performance of the task.

We place great emphasis on ensuring that conditions such as confidentiality and copyright are agreed, and that agreements are made before the project is implemented. The company may require that the project report be considered confidential. This means that the report may not be disclosed to anyone other than the administration at Aarhus University School of Engineering, the supervisor and the co-examiner without written consent from the company. The company may also require that certain information to which students are given access during the project should be treated confidentially.


Students are entitled to make use of their own work in accordance with relevant regulations and practice for the area. This means that publication of written work may not be without express consent from the students.

In connection with the conclusion of agreements between company and students, the company may reserve the right to use ideas and project results without payment to the students.