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HUBCAP: Digital innovation opportunities for SMEs

With the third round of INNOVATE applications now open, the HUBCAP project is looking for companies that want to enter into innovative collaborations to develop digital tools and products within model-based design for cyber-physical systems. Consortia of two–three SMEs may apply.

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The INNOVATE call will fund 10 innovation projects that will work towards the development and implementation of highly innovative and challenging model-based design (MBD) solutions for cyber physical systems (CPS).

The INNOVATE call projects will have a total duration of 12 months divided into three stages: Design, Develop & Operate and Assess. HUBCAP will provide technology and business support to ensure the highest possible impact for each project.



Why apply?

Consortiums applying to the INNOVATE call will potentially get:

  • Funding of up to € 200,000

  • Coaching and mentoring support provided by a local digital hub

  • The opportunity to test CPS and MBD tools and solutions

  • The opportunity to reach new customers

  • Access to a vast community of experts

  • Access to a broad network of other SMEs 

If you are interested in applying for call #3 INNOVATE, it is open for applications until June 30th, 5 pm CET



HUBCAP is a pan-European development program headed by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Aarhus University and an exclusive network of digital innovation hubs embracing digital innovation using model-based design technology for Cyber-Physical Systems. It provides funding opportunities, cutting-edge technology and business support services. 

Backed by the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, this EU funded project builds on seven digital innovation hubs across Europe – each of them embedded in regional innovation ecosystems and offering complimentary technical expertise and specialist knowledge in CPS application domains. 

HUBCAP organises three series of Open Calls throughout 2020–2022, with € 3,2 million committed in cascade funding for SMEs, namely: Call #1 PULL, Call #2 EXPERIMENT and Call #3 INNOVATE

Visit hubcap.eu for more information.


Peter Gorm Larsen, Professor

Mail: pgl@ece.au.dk