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Radio feature with Professor Björn Andresen from ECE as expert

Listen or relisten to the feature from 21 April 2022 about Denmark’s plans for a green transition.

Björn Andresen, ECE.

After the statement from the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen about securing Danish independence from Russian gas, the Danish radio channel P4 Østjylland brought green transition into focus in the programme P4 Morgen Østjylland on 21 April 2022.

Head of Section and Professor in Electrical Energy Technology Björn Andresen from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering participated in the programme as an expert, and he shared his broad knowledge of the subject. Among other things, he talked about the challenge of storing solar and wind energy, and he explained to the listeners what at green transition will require. Furthermore, he answered questions from the listeners.

Björn participates in the programme for about one hour. The feature is in Danish, and it begins 1 hour and 31 minutes into the programme.