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R&D projects in Electrical Engineering

Course objective

The project is an independent or group work of max 2 students and the project should be research based. The aim is to perform the project either in company or in a research group with collaboration with a company. The student is guided by a supervisor from the university and, typically also a supervisor at the company. The student holds the responsibility for establishing the collaboration with the supervisor and subsequently the company. The objective of the project is defined by the student, but in close collaboration with the company and univeristy supervisor. The project may be theoretical or experimental. The results must be submitted to the company, either by submitting the report or presenting the results.

Learning outcomes

Participating students will after this course be able to:

  • Identify, limit and formulate a scientific problem based on a literature survey
  • Define hypotheses to examine
  • Individually structure and perform the project work according to the scientific methodology
  • Discuss the obtained results in a scientific perspective

Five options available

During the Master's cycle, you have the option to select the number of ECTS, and whether the project is purely academic at the univerity or in collaboration with a company:


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