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Employees at Electronics & Photonics

Are you looking for an employee at Section of Electronics & Photonics? On this page you can find all the employees associated with the Section of Electronics & Photonics - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aarhus University.

Below you can find a list of all the employees, their name, job title, email, phone-number, and the building at Aarhus University where they are currently working from:

List of Employees

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Agarwala, Shweta Associate Professor shweta@ece.au.dk +4593521874 5125, 212
Alrøe, Michael Group Leader, Associate Professor ma@ece.au.dk +4541893243 5125, 214
Amarasinghe, Yasith Postdoc yasith@ece.au.dk 5125, 219
Baghaee Ivriq, Saeed Research Assistant baghaee.s@ece.au.dk 5125, 211
Bandaru, Narendra Postdoc narendra.bandaru@ece.au.dk 5125, 219
Bendtsen, Jens Magnus Horsted PhD Student jmhb@ece.au.dk
Dahl, Mads Kofod PhD Student mkd@ece.au.dk
Davidsen, Rasmus Schmidt Tenure Track rasda@ece.au.dk +4593522742 5125, 216
Esmailbeygi, Hossein PhD Student hossein.esmailbeygi@ece.au.dk
Fares, Hoda Assistant Professor hfares@ece.au.dk 5125, 203
Farhadinia, Fataneh Member of Administrative Staff f.farhadinia@ece.au.dk 5125, 205
Farkhani, Hooman Associate Professor farkhani@ece.au.dk 5125, 201B
Fernández Khatiboun, Darío PhD Student dariofk@ece.au.dk 5125, 203
Goumarre, Vincent Olivier Yannick Postdoc vincent.goumarre@ece.au.dk 5125, 219
Han, Zhengli Assistant Professor (tenure track) zhha@ece.au.dk 5125, 216
Hargaard, Henning Associate Professor hh@ece.au.dk +4541893241 5125, 204
Hassan Hire, Jaamac Assistant Professor jhh@ece.au.dk 5125, 204
Hatamzadeh, Elham PhD Student elham.hatamzadeh@ece.au.dk
Jakobsen, Morten Opprud PhD Student morten@ece.au.dk +4521367053
Jørgensen, Asbjørn Cortnum Research Fellow acj@ece.au.dk 5125, 219
Kristensen, Jesper Michael Associate Professor jmkr@ece.au.dk +4593509073 5125, 208
Laursen, Kjeld Assistant Professor laursen@ece.au.dk 5125, 206
Lehmann, Anders Associate Professor anders@ece.au.dk +4587166951 8003, 3107
Li, Ren Postdoc ren.li@ece.au.dk 5125, 203
Loft, Michael Sørensen Associate Professor ml@ece.au.dk +4520996769 5125, 206
Lomholdt, Kristian Peter Associate Professor krlo@ece.au.dk +4541411083 8003, 3107
Merhi, Youssif PhD Student youssifm@ece.au.dk
Møller, Simon Mølgaard Associate Professor smm@ece.au.dk +4593522276 8003, 3107