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To share our passion for integrated photonics and transfer our knowledge of the broader field of Electrical Engineering, we are honored to be involved in several coarses and R&D projects.

Fundamentals of photonics

5 ECTS course that runs in the Spring semester.

It is part of the Electrical Engineering (EE) curriculum, and can be taken as an elective during the Bachelor's cycle or the Master's cycle.
The program includes: propagation of electromagnetic waves, Gaussian optics, polarization, generation of light, waveguides and optical modes, scattering, interferometers and multiplexing, materials for photonics and crystal growth, semiconductors, photo-electric effect and PN junctions, electro-optic effect and nonlinear photonics.

  • Lectures: 2 hours/week ; classroom exercises, lab practise: 2 hours/week
  • The exam is oral and based on a selected research paper.

Photonic devices

10 ECTS course at the Master's level that runs in the Fall semester.

It is an elective course included in the "Photonics" specialization package (see this link).
It addresses the core photonic engineering technologies such as laser diodes, optical fibers, and photonic integrated circuits, and their applications in communications, sensing and metrology. This course is of interest to engineers who want to become active in the field of photonics, as well as to electrical engineers who want broaden their scope and anticipate on the exponentially increasing convergence of electronics and photonics.

  • Lectures: 4 hours/week ; classroom exercises, lab practise: 2 hours/week
  • The exam is oral and based on a selected research paper.

R&D projects

At the Master's level during the Spring OR the Fall semesters.

Five options available:
– 5 ECTS at the university, or with industry

– 10 ECTS at the university, or with industry

– 5 ECTS study course

Bachelor's theses and Master's theses

One-semester research project as the last step to obtain the degree (BSc or MSc).
Different topics are available, feel free to contact us for more information.
We are affiliated with the Department of ECE, and welcome students from every Faculties.

Links to:
– MSc thesis in Electrical Engineering (30 ECTS)

– MSc thesis in Physics (30 ECTS)

– BSc project in Physics (10 ECTS)


Degree in Electrical Engineering, programme structure for BSc and for MSc.