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Integrated Circuits & Electronics Laboratory

The Integrated Circuits and Electronics Laboratory (ICE-LAB) is used for conducting research in integrated electronics including analog/RF, mixed-signal and digital electronics with focus on energy-efficient integrated circuits and systems.


In the ICE-LAB, there is access to a wide range of tools. These tools enable us to design and simulate different blocks at transistor/system level. The ICE-Lab is equipped with 10 terminals (laptops) for students allowing them to design integrated circuit simulations.

There is access to the following programmes:

  • Synopsis
  • Mentor graphic tools

We use the most recent IC technologies including processes from 0.35?m-28nm scale. ICE-LAB is a member of EUROPRACTICE program.

Special expertise

  • Analog/RF/Mixed-signal IC design
  • ASIC design
  • Custom Circuit Design at transistor level
  • Nano-scale device simulations
  • Reliability in nano-scale designs


Finlandsgade 22

DK-8200 Aarhus N

Room 240, Edison building