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The Aarhus University Centre for Digitalisation, Big Data and Data Analytics (DIGIT) works to strengthen Aarhus University's position within the area of digitalisation.

The main disruption happening to societies all over the world is driven by new innovations based on novel IT-based solutions. It is important to help the private and public sectors to conduct business in the most optimal way by developing relevant digital solutions.

Aarhus Centre for Digital Twins

The Aarhus Centre for Digital Twins is an umbrella for a collection of research projects that research/develop/make use of digital twins. A digital twin is a digital replica of physical assets, processes, people, places, systems or devices, created and maintained in order to answer questions about its physical counterpart, its physical twin in a near real-time setting. Coupled with new sensor technology, such replica can provide a new layer of engineering insight, which will be valuable in improving a product performance, and providing a seed for the next generation of the product.