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Employees at Software Engineering & Computing Systems

List of Employees

Are you looking for an employee at Section of Software Engineering & Computing Systems? On this page you can find all the employees associated with the Section of Software Engineering & Computing Systems - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aarhus University.

Below you can find a list of all the employees, their name, job title, email, phone-number, and the building at Aarhus University where they are currently working from:

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Andersen, Mikkel Schmidt PhD Student msa@ece.au.dk
Bennedsen, Jens Professor (Docent) jbb@ece.au.dk +4541893090 5123, 420
Böttjer, Till PhD Student till.boettjer@ece.au.dk
Boudjadar, Jalil Associate Professor jalil@ece.au.dk 5123, 413
Can Türk, Mehmet Research Assistant mct@ece.au.dk
Esterle, Lukas Associate Professor lukas.esterle@ece.au.dk 5123, 414
Frasheri, Mirgita Assistant Professor mirgita.frasheri@ece.au.dk 5123, 424
Gil Arboleda, Santiago PhD Student sgil@ece.au.dk
Gonçalves Gomes, Cláudio Ângelo Assistant Professor claudio.gomes@ece.au.dk 5123, 425
Hallerstede, Stefan Associate Professor sha@ece.au.dk 5123, 411
Hansen, Søren Associate Professor sh@ece.au.dk +4541893340 5123, 415
Howard, Michel Vedel Assistant Professor michel.howard@ece.au.dk 5123, 426
Jakobsen, Frank Bodholdt Associate Professor frabj@ece.au.dk +4593508022 5123, 426
Kakavandi, Fatemeh PhD Student fateme.kakavandi@ece.au.dk
Kim, Jung Min Assistant Professor jmk@ece.au.dk 5123, 422
Kirk, Henrik Bitsch Associate Professor henrik@ece.au.dk +4593508832 5123, 425
Knudsen, Keld Erik Member of Administrative Staff kknu@ece.au.dk 5123, 321
Kristensen, Morten Haahr Research Fellow mhk@ece.au.dk 5123, 326
Larsen, Peter Gorm Professor pgl@ece.au.dk +4541893260 5123, 418
Lausdahl, Kenneth Guldbrandt External VIP
Lemming, Jakob Senior Consultant jle@ece.au.dk +4593511580
Macedo, Hugo Daniel Assistant Professor hdm@ece.au.dk 5123, 422
Mendes, Emilia Professor eme@ece.au.dk 5123, 416
Mikkelsen, Peter Høgh Associate Professor phm@ece.au.dk +4541893245 5123, 425
Mortensen, Lars Member of Administrative Staff lamo@ece.au.dk +4541893237 5123, 426
Rovsing, Poul Ejnar Associate Professor per@ece.au.dk +4541893267 5123, 423
Schultz, Carl Peter Leslie Associate Professor cschultz@ece.au.dk 5123, 411
Sharifirad, Iman PhD Student rad@ece.au.dk