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Using MakerLab: Open Access

In MakerLab: Open Access, you can 3D print prototypes in PLA plastic via our modded Ender 3 printers. You must book the printers before use via the link below.

You can print exactly what you want, and the materials are completely free. Close to the deadline for semester and bachelor projects, however, the printers will preferably be reserved for project-related prototypes.

Access to the laboratory

Room nr. 5122-139, Katrinebjerg

To gain access to MakerLab, you must have a "driving license", which is obtained by completing a mini-course of approx. 1.5 hours duration.

The course introduces you to 3D printing, what you should be aware of when designing prints and operating the printers. The course runs at 16:30-18:00 (4:30pm-6pm). Press the button below to see available course dates and registration.

You can find more information about which software and configuration you must have installed before the course at this link: Welcome letter to the new MakerLab students

Slicing of 3D files

Once you have downloaded/created your STL file, it needs to be sliced, i.e., be divided into horizontal layers that define how the nozzle moves in the plane. This is done through PrusaSlicer, which is a free tool developed by Prusa.

Before using PrusaSlicer, it must be set up for the school printers. See more information through the link below.

Need more advanced prints?

In MakerLab Pro, you have the option of printing project-related items on our more advanced machines. Here we can print in several colors, materials, larger items and extremely detailed prints on our SLA printers.

You can order prints via the button below, which will be produced by our MakerLab Pilots. When they are finished, it is placed in glass cases outside MakerLab Pro.

How do you 3D print?

You start by finding / creating the object you want to print. The files must be saved in STL format. Possible sources for STL files are:

  • Thingiverse.com
    • A site with hundreds of thousands of 3D print files (STL), including several Raspberry Pi boxes and other ready-made files for 3D printing.
  • Fusion 360
    • An extremely user-friendly Computer Aided Design (CAD) program that can be downloaded and installed on student computers for free if you choose an Education license.

Contact the Pilots of MakerLab


Contact Laboratory Manager