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The research areas of NeXt include:

  • Data compression: generalized deduplication, compressed sensing
  • Reliable communications: error correcting codes, network coding, protocols
  • Reliable data storage
  • Resource allocation optimization
  • Systems and protocol design

NeXt aims to provide solutions in the field of:

  • Tactile Internet and haptic communications
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industry 4.0
  • Edge and Cloud computing and storage

Current and Past PhD Student Projects:

PhD Student: Rasmus Vestergaard

Project title: Data Compression Techniques for Future Networks and Cloud Technologies
Future communication networks and storage systems must be able to handle increasing traffic generated by end users, the strict requirements for 5G communications, and billions of sensing and actuating devices connected to the Internet of Things. 
This PhD project looks to develop data compression techniques that helps our communication infrastructure adapt to these new, stricter requirements. In particular, we both look to improve current compressors and design new ones. A key goal is to ensure that the infrastructure can handle the increasing volumes of data, but we also desire to provide additional advantages over the state-of-the-art: for example, low added latency and efficient random access to the compressed data.

PhD Student: Hadi Sehat

Project Title: On Dual Deduplication for Privacy-preserving Data Storage and Sharing

This PhD project aims at providing a novel protocol design for data compression in massive scale storage systems with a focus on privacy of the stored data. We have coined this concept Dual Deduplication, as it carries out data deduplication and modifications at both the end user and the Cloud to balance privacy and compression. The provided protocol is flexible in order to be effective for a wide variety of systems with different considerations of privacy and computation. The privacy of the data is achieved by information theoretic transformations rather than cryptographic methods, achieving a strong privacy guarantees against a wider range of possible adversaries. Finally, this project aims to use the concepts and system designs to deliver secure file sharing in a network with untrusted cloud and clients.