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Operations Management


The Operations Management group embraces the concept of systems engineering involving research, development and implementation of planning, control and application technologies in various production systems (e.g. agro-food), as well as efficient data collection, processing and documentation methods traceability.

New production principles involving robots, sensors, mathematical/physical models, decision support systems for operations and task management, design and implementation of information technology and communication and other innovative technologies are pursued.

Additionally, new products and production methods are evaluated in terms of sustainability, feasibility, etc.


  • Operations engineering: operations analysis, operations planning (mission planning, task scheduling and allocation), operations optimisation, supply chain management, fleet management, information modelling, design of information management systems, cost-benefit.
  • Automation engineering: systems engineering, higher level machine learning (semantic description), robust motion planning algorithms with focus on multiple dimensions and constraints and on reduction of computational complexity, decision support systems.
  • Information engineering: data capture, data management, real-time data processing, decision optimisation, uncertainty modelling.
  • Sustainability engineering: multi stakeholder analysis, technology assessment, life cycle assessment, risk analysis, scenario building, and system design.