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Key research areas include mathematical/physical models, modelling, operations and optimisation methods (linear programming, dynamic programming, graph theory, state-space-models, heuristic methods, etc.), decision support systems for operations and task management, Quality Function Deployment, Soft Systems Methodology, capacity and location of facilities, layout of facilities, supply-chain management, inventory management, and scheduling, etc.

Key application areas include

  • Operations engineering: operations analysis, operations planning (mission planning, task scheduling and allocation), operations optimisation, supply chain management, fleet management, information modelling, design of information management systems, cost-benefit.
  • Automation engineering: systems engineering, higher level machine learning (semantic description), robust route planning algorithms with focus on multiple dimensions and constraints and on reduction of computational complexity, decision support systems.
  • Information engineering: data capture, data management, real-time data processing, decision optimisation, uncertainty modelling.
  • Sustainability engineering: multi stakeholder analysis, technology assessment, life cycle assessment, risk analysis, scenario building, and system design.