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ibrAIn Research Center

ibrAIn Research Center Aarhus University

  • To bring AI and the Brain even closer

ibrAIn center is a center at the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University with the vision of being a leading center within intelligent brain interfacing implants. 

ibrAIn's goal is to explore the development of novel AI hardware into ultra-low power and miniaturized brain implants enabling monitoring and treatment of brain diseases. The center, as an interdisciplinary center, with an international board, aims to steer up the development of advanced smart brain interfacing technologies globally. 

The mission of ibrAIn center is to enable AI-equipped ultra-low-power brain implants for monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of brain disorders through different modalities  

Head of Center

Farshad Moradi

Professor Institut for Elektro- og Computerteknologi - Electronics and Photonics