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Probe Station

LA-100 DC

-          MANIPULATORS MA-8005

-          Probe: GNR39, GNR38, RBY45, RBY23, RBY24, WGT71

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Spectrum & Signal Source Analyzer

FSUP Signal Source Analyzer

-          FSUP26: Signal Source Analyzer for Phase Noise and VCO test, 1MHz to 26.5GHz; with integrated Spectrum Analyzer, 20Hz to 26.5GHz

-          FSU-B23: Preamplifier 20 dB to FSU26, 3.6 - 26.5 GHz

-          FSU-B25Electronic attenuator 0 to 30 dB, Preamplifier 20 dB, 10MHz - 3.6 GHz for FSU, FSQ

-          FSUP-B60: Low Phase Noise for cross correlation measurement

-          FSUP-B61: Cross correlation frequency extension, with preamplifier FSU-B23

Link to datasheet and manual

Bonding machine

-          Tip Diameter Ø25µm, Ø17µm

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Signal / Clock Source (2)

SMA100A Signal Generator

-          SMA100A Signal generator base unit. Requires frequency option

-          SMA-B106 Option: Frequency range 9kHz to 6GHz with electronic attenuator.

 Link to datasheet and manual

Vector network analyzer

Agilent technologies E5071C 300KHz – 20Ghz

-          4-port, 50 ohm, S-parameter test set

-          Improve accuracy, yield and margins with wide dynamic range 130 dB, fast measurement speed 8 ms and excellent temperature stability 0.005 dB/°C

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Impedance analyzer

E4990A Impedance Analyzer, 20 Hz to 20 MHz

-          ±0.08% (typical ±0.045%) basic impedance measurement accuracy

-          25 mΩ to 40 MΩ wide impedance measurement range (10% measurement accuracy range)

-          Measurement parameters: |Z|, |Y|, θ, R, X, G, B, L, C, D, Q, Complex Z, Complex Y, Vac, Iac, Vdc, Idc

-          Built-in DC bias range: 0 V to ±40 V, 0 A to ±100 mA

-          Enhanced measurement speed option (option 001. For 10M/20M/30M/50M options only)

-          4-channel & 4-trace on 10.4 inch color LCD with touch screen

-          Data analysis function: Equivalent circuit analysis, limit line test

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Positioning system

Customized 3-D scanner

-          Resolution 5µm, controlled through customized Matlab script

-          Suitable for Ultrasonic, E-field, H-field scan

RF Power amplifier

Electronics & Innovation 2100L

-          Class of Operation: Class A

-          Frequency Range: 10 kHz to 12 MHz

-          Rated Power Output: 100 W

-          Power Gain: 50 dB

-          Gain Flatness: ±1.5 dB

-          Input Power for Rated Output: 1.0 mW / 0 dBm

-          Input Impedance: 50 Ohms

-          Output Impedance: 50 Ohms

-          Harmonic Level: <-25 dBc

-          Size (H x W x D): 5.3" x 16.5" x 18.4" (134.5 mm x 420 mm x 467 mm)

-          Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)

-          100 - 240 Vac; 47-63 Hz

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Oscilloscope (2)

-          RTO1044: Digital oscilloscope, 4 channels, 4GHz bandwidth, sampling rate 10GSa/s per channel, sampling memory 20MSa per channel / max. 80MSa(1 channel), four 500MHz passive voltage probes, BNC trigger-out

-          RTO1024: Digital Oscilloscope 2GHz, 4Channel, with 4 Passive 500MHz Probes and Option: RTO-B1 = Mixel Signal Option, 400MHz, additional 16 digital channels; WIN7 = Windows 7 Operation System

 Link to datasheet: 

Logic Analyzer System with Pattern Generator (1) 


-          Logic analyzer, portable mainframe, 2modules, certificate of traceable calibration standard

-          TLA7AC2 68 Ch. State/Timing Module – TLA7000 Logic Analyzer Module, 68 Channels, 8 GHz MagniVu Timing, 235 MHz State Clock, 2 Mb Record Length

-          P6810: Logic Analyzer Probe For Tla7axx,34 Channel, General Purpose, Single Ended/Differential Clock, Single Ended/Differential Data

-          PG3ACABA1: the moving pixel company; digital pattern generator module in an external cabinet with power supply; universal euro power cord

Link to Datasheet 1

Link to Datasheet 2

SRS Stanford Dynamic 2 ch. Analyzer (SR780) (1)

-          SR780 Dynamic Signal Analyzer

-          DC to 102.4 kHz bandwidth

-          90 dB dynamic range

-          ow-distortion synthesized source

-          145 dB dynamic range (swept-sine)

-          Real-time octave analysis

-          Up to 32 Mbyte memory

-          GPIB and RS-232 interfaces

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PCB printer

Voltera V-One Desktop PCB Printer

The Voltera V-One creates two layer prototype circuit boards on your desk. Gerber files go in, printed circuit boards come out.

Link to datasheet:

FSV Signal Analyzer

Spec: Signal and Spectrum Analyzer 10Hz to 30GHz, -154dBm to 30dBm, resolution bandwidth 1Hz to 10MHz

-          RF preamplifier 9kHz to 30GHz (FSV-B24)

-          Link to datasheet:


Programmable power supply

R&S HMP2030

-          3 channels, 188Watt,  upto 32V 5A

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Pulse function arbitrary generator

Agilent Technologies 81160A

-          Generation of 330-MHz pulses and 500-MHz function/arbitrary waveforms with a 2.5-GSa/s sample rate and 14-bit vertical resolution;

-          Selectable crest factors for white Gaussian noise lets engineers determine how much distortion to apply to a device during stress testing to meet various serial bus standards;

-          Glitch-free timing parameter changes allow engineers to change the frequency without drop-outs or glitches and enable continuous operation without rebooting or resetting the device under test; and

-          Arbitrary bit patterns show capacitive load of the channels using simple pattern settings. Complex measurement setups are no longer necessary to test designs to their limits.

-          Pulses 330 MHz, 500 MHz sine waves, 660 Mbit pattern

Link to datasheet

TE Controller

Pro 800

-          PRO800 - 2-Slot Benchtop Enclosure,

-          TED8040: The TED8000 Modules are Temperature Controllers that are capable to control TEC elements (Peltiers) in order to maintain a constant temperature of e.g. laser diodes

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Power source meter

Keithley 2045 (2 units)

-          Five instruments in one (IV Source, IVR Measure)

-          Seven models: 20-100W DC, 1000W pulsed, 1100V to 1μV, 10A to 10pA

-          Source and sink (4-quadrant) operation

-          0.012% basic measure accuracy with 6½-digit resolution

-          2-, 4-, and 6-wire remote V-source and measure sensing

-          1700 readings/second at 4½ digits via GPIB

-          Pass/fail comparator for fast sorting/binning

-          Available high-speed sense lead contact check function

-          Programmable DIO port for automation/handler/prober control (except Model 2401)

-          Standard SCPI GPIB, RS-232 and Keithley Trigger Link interfaces

Link to datasheet

Digital Multimeter

a.       R&S HMC8012

-          Measurement range: DC to 100 kHz

-          Resolution: 1 μV, 100 nA, 1 mΩ, 1 pF, 1 Hz, 0.1 °C/F

-          Basic accuracy: 0.015 % (DC)

-          5¾-digit display (480 000 counts


b.       Agilent 34461A

-          Histogram, bar and trend charts on 4.3-inch color graphical display ease monitoring and speed up statistical analysis

-          Measure with confidence, with 35 ppm basic DCV accuracy

-          Test low power devices with low DC current measurement range from 100 µA to 10 A



Mantis Elite 

2x to 20x magnification options