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Autonomous racing team (F1Tenth)

Welcome the the Aarhus F1Tenth Autonomous Racing Team

F1Tenth autonomous racing has been conceived at the University of Pennsylvenia in 2016. The goal is to race a track autonomously with only the help of either video or LiDAR. The Aarhus University F1Tenth Autonomous Racing Team has been started in 2022.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lukas Esterle


The Aarhus University F1Tenth Autonomous Racing Team is lead by Lukas Esterle. 

Mirgita Frasheri, Hugo Macedo, Claudio Gomes, and Peter Gorm Larsen support the project.

Former and ongoing student members


  • 'Using INTO-CPS Tools in the Development of a Digital Twin for the F1TENTH Race Car', Malthe F Tøttrup, Emil C Hu, Bastian A Kramer, Hugo D Macedo, Lukas Esterle. Workshop on Formal Co-Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems 2022

Projects and contributions

We are always looking to improve the algorithms of our racing car. If you would like to contribute with control or planning algorithms, machine learning approaches, Digital Twin concepts or your own ideas,  please contact Lukas Esterle. It is also possible to do an R&D project, BSc/BEng or MSc thesis in the area of the F1Tenth car!