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Our lab is dedicated to the characterisation of photonic integrated circuits (PICs). We work mainly at the telecom C band (wavelengths in the range 1530–1565 nm), and we also have measurements capabilities for longer wavelengths towards the mid-infrared and for shorter ones towards the visible.

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Building 5125 (Edison), Rooms 037 + 040
Finlandsgade 22
8200 Aarhus N


Below is a list of our major characterisation instruments.

Laser linewidth characterisation

  • HighFinesse LWA-1k-1550 for frequency-noise characterization of lasers.
  • Setup for delayed self-heterodyne.

Optical spectrum analysers

  • Yokogawa AQ6375B (1200–2400 nm)
  • EXFO OSA20 (1250–1700 nm)

Tunable lasers

Electrical spectrum analysers

Rohde & Schwarz FSW50 (50 GHz)

Experimental work is crucial for our research, and we are grateful to our vendors for the quality of their products and services. We are particularly thankful to:

  • Yokogawa

  • Thorlabs