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Web Technologies

The web technology theme is structured as a special interest group covering the topic of backend, frontend and database technology. We are mainly focusing on the software aspect of web technologies. We occasionally discuss other aspects of the web, such as networking and hosting as well.  

Backend technology is defined as the underlying data storage and business logic of a web enabled system. Commonly, it is located remote from the edge device and connected via a network. Frontend is the interface connecting the user to the backend system. This is often in the form of a web page, but could also be a standalone application or an app.

Theme focus

The theme provides an open forum for sharing and debating various aspects of web technology. Almost every section member engages in web development. Either as part of teaching, researching or development. This can be as part of their primary function or as a supporting function to their work. As such the theme aims to be a central repository of knowledge about all the backend activities in the section.

Theme lead

Theme members

Navn Jobtitel E-mail Telefon Bygning
Howard, Michel Vedel Adjunkt michel.howard@ece.au.dk 5123, 426
Kim, Jung Min Adjunkt jmk@ece.au.dk +4540824227 5123, 422
Rovsing, Poul Ejnar Lektor per@ece.au.dk +4541893267 5123, 412


The theme members are not currently involved in active development of web technologies. We are teaching and using a lot of different web technologies,  some of the skills are: 

Skills List:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • ASP.net
  • .net entity framework
  • Firebase Product suite 
  • AWS/Google Cloud/Azure Products 
  • Node
  • MQTT
  • RabbitMQ 
  • MySql, PostgreSQL
  • Apache web server
  • Angular
  • React

(and many more)


One of the theme's tasks is to create a transparent overview of the different web technologies used in the section in various fields. The theme will also monitor the industry trends, relating to the use and experiments with backend technology. The aim is to advise section members in the usage and popularity of backend technologies.

Section Skill Map:
The group created a section skills map. The aim is to create a clear overview of where specific backend knowledge is located within the section. 

Local Cloud:
The project is an ongoing internal project, creating a small local cloud. The purpose is to help education in cloud tech. This should also give the students an easy small playground for projects. 

Bearing Brain:
In this project we assist “Ceramic Speed” in development of a predictive maintenance system for ball bearings. This is a huge undertaking with IoT sensors, cloud infrastructure, machine learning and web interfaces.  

IoT-Learning Platform:
The IoT learning platform is developed on top of the Micro:Bit platform. It is an educational platform designed to support teaching in IoT technology in the primary schools.