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Drones4Energy project


The Drones4Energy project deals with the challenge of inspections of in-service power lines by using a cluster of autonomous drones. We are responsible for contributing to the wireless communication platform and for design and implementation of protocols and algorithms for cooperating drones.

Project facts:

Name: Drones4Energy – Drones for Energy

Duration: 36 months (start 1 December 2018)

Partners: SDU, Fraunhofer, Develco, Science Venture, Geopartners

Granted by: Innovation Fund Denmark

Finished collaborative research projects

Project name: SEMIAH – Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for Aggregation of Households

Duration: 39 months (1 March 2014 – 30 June 2017)

Granted by: EU FP7

Project web site: https://projects.au.dk/semiah/

Project name: VPP4SGR– Virtual Power Plants for Smart Grid Ready Building and Customers

Duration: 36 months (2013-2016)

Granted by: ForskEL program


MegaMan project

Megaconstellations are being proposed as new space systems consisting of hundreds to thousands of individual satellites. The MegaMan project aims to design a mega-constellation of CubeSats in Low Earth Orbits. We are investigating a number of scientific use cases in astronomy and geoscience as well as the feasibility of providing IoT services from the constellation.

Project facts:

Name: MegaMan – MegaConstellations Services Management

Duration: 24 months (start 1 November 2017)

Partners: 2operate, GOMSpace, AU IFA, AU GEOS

Granted by: Innovation Fund Denmark

Delphini-1 project

Delphini-1 is AU's first CubeSat in space. It is cementing AU as a participant in the new space era. We are contributing with the design and operation of Delphini-1 taking re

sponsibility of the up/down link communication channel. We are operating the UHF ground station to communication with the satellite.

Project facts:

Name: Delphini-1

Duration: (depends on solar activity) (start spring 2017)

Partners: GOMSpace, AU Physics and Astronomy, AU Geoscience