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Biomedical & Pervasive Systems


The research group was founded by Stefan Wagner in 2021 based on the original Pervasive Systems research group from 2015 founded by Stefan Wagner and Christian Fischer Pedersen.

We conduct basic and applied research within the biomedical & pervasive systems research areas. Our main research area is pervasive healthcare, including ambient assisted living and telemedicine, where we focus on creating open science and open source tools and platforms for supporting healthcare research. This implies following a mainly sensor-based computational and data-driven approach with the purpose of improving human health and well-being while also enhancing the delivery of healthcare and staff efficiency. This is motivated by the constant demand for sustainable, participatory, preventive, personalized, economically tractable and better healthcare for all.

Our research projects are mainly grounded in the hospital, nursing home, and home settings, where we use ambient, wearable and healthcare sensors and devices to support patients and citizens through coaching and monitoring.  Research examples include: a) disease, disability and treatment monitoring and coaching in the hospital and home settings, b) predictive analytics for early disease onset detection and progression, and c) co-creation & participatory design for creating the optimal user experience.


Our activities are externally funded via national or international grants including FP7, H2020, AAL Programme, Innobooster, Industriens Fond. The group has coordinated six research projects and participated in more than 20 research projects and co-organized a number of conferences and workshops. Through our activities, we have had the privilege of working in close collaboration with leading partners from industry, academia and the public sector.


We are always open to collaboration with new partners from academia and industry on themes related to our research and development areas. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss collaboration opportunities. Students that are interested in doing projects with our group are also very welcome to contact us.


Associate Professor Stefan Rahr Wagner

Email: sw@eng.au.dk

Phone: +4541893254