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MEMS & Nano-Optics

MEMS & Nano-Optics

The MEMS & Nano-Optics group focuses on dynamic photonic devices with MEMS-NEMS (micro/nano electro mechanical system) approaches for sustainable optical systems. Dynamic photonic devices, e.g., amplitude/phase modulator and spatial light modulator, play a key role for applications in optical communications, displays, imaging, etc. The approaches utilizing MEMS-NEMS for active optical control have advantages of low power consumption, electrical voltage actuation, compatibility with the mature semiconductor manufacturing industry, etc.


Metasurfaces are artificial 2-dimensional arrays of subwavelength unit structures. They can be used to control electromagnetic waves across the spectrum, i.e., visible light, infrared, and microwaves, and can control wave amplitude, phase, polarization, angular momentum, structural colors, etc. Thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of both optical metasurfaces and MEMS-NEMS actuation, the integration of the two technologies together brings several benefits for dynamic photonic devices.



The group focuses on dynamic photonic devices that will use environmentally friendly materials, such as aluminum and silicon oxide. The platform of integration of MEMS-NEMS and metasurfaces shows promises to develop sustainable optical systems, e.g., a novel sustainable optical display.


Zhengli Han

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