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The research and innovation carried out by the Wireless Transceivers group addresses all aspects of the implementation of microwave and millimeter-wave wireless transceivers, from theory to modeling, design, circuit and electromagnetic simulations and experimental verifications, at all levels, from active and passive components to circuits, systems and applications, as shown in Fig. 2.

Our research has a special emphasis on tackling major problems and anticipating solutions for the grand challenges posed by future emerging communication and information hardware technologies, by challenging current thinking and generating groundbreaking knowledge and solutions with impact on society and economy.

Our research has a strategic role in education, and bridging research with education is a priority for us in educating next-generation scientists and engineers.

The research group is equipped with dedicated state of the art instrumentation and computer-aided design tools for high-frequency circuit and electromagnetic simulations and measurements.

Our research can rely on strategic collaborations with major research academic and industrial centers world-wide, and on support from national and international funding agencies, primarily from Danish and European funding agencies, public and private foundations.