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Joint Webinar on the 29th of June!

On the 29th of June we will host using Teams a joint webinar aggregating participants from the HUBCAP H2020 project, the Centre for Digital Twins, and the INTO-CPS Association. If you are interested please contact hdm@eng.au.dk

The programme is as follows:

10:00: The Future of MBD CPS Development by Peter Gorm Larsen

10:20: Demonstrating the INTO-CPS Application inside the HUBCAP collaboration platform sandbox by Hugo Daniel Macedo

10:50: Demonstrating the RT-Tester functionality and its connection to INTO-CPS Application by Jörg Brauer

11:10: Demonstrating the FMU Static Checker by Nick Battle

11:20: Demonstrating the Python FMU capabilities by Christian Legaard

11:40: Presenting the RabbitFMU capability by Casper Thule

11:55: Closing remarks by Peter Gorm Larsen

INTO-CPS Application Internal Developers Workshop on the 29th of June!

On the 29th of June we will host using Teams a webinar on the recent developments related to the  INTO-CPS Application. The scope is mainly AU Internal but open to interested parties. Please contact hdm@eng.au.dk in case you wish to participate.

The programme is as follows:

14:00: Opening by Hugo Daniel Macedo

14:10: The status of the Maestro V2 by Casper Thule

14:20: Modernizing the INTO-CPS Application by Kristoffer Villadsen

14:30: Testing the INTO-CPS App Tutorials using Spectron by Armine Sanjari

14:40: Estimating the Maximum Allowable Delay Bound for Networked Control Systems Using Co-simulation and Design State Exploration by Hao Feng

14:50: Q&A and Discussion on The Future of the INTO-CPS Application by Hugo Daniel Macedo

5 March, 12:30-16:00 CEST

We participated in the conference “Industry 4.0 – the intelligent industry of the future” that was hosted by IDA last January 2020 in Copenhagen. We contributed with a talk on Digital Twins. The presentation video is online, and you can watch it at the conference site, or at this link (audio in Danish only). If you are interested in this research please contact Peter Gorm Larsen, pgl@eng.au.dk

27 February, 16:00-17:00 CET

INTO-CPS Webinar: At this INTO-CPS webinar two of the new members of the INTO-CPS Association, University of Pisa and Radboud University, will present what their plans are for in-kind contributions for 2018. These are related to incorporation of PVSio-web and the CoHLA framework in the INTO-CPS tool chain, respectively. If you are interested in joining the webinar, please contact Peter Gorm Larsen, pgl@eng.au.dk.