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11-15. July 2022

EMBC 2022: Characterization of Dry-Contact EEG Electrodes and an Empirical Comparison of Ag/AgCl and IrO2 Electrodes

Conference Paper about dry-contact EEG electrodes. The paper was presented as an oral presentation at EMBC 2022 in Glasgow by Simon Kappel.

September 2023

First ear-EEG data from space

As a part of the Sleep-in-Orbit project, we have just received the first ear-EEG recordings from the international space station (ISS). These are the first ear-EEG recordings ever made in space.

The objective of the Sleep-in-Orbit project is to investigate physiological differences between astronaut’s sleep in space and on Earth. The astronaut's sleep is measured before the mission to space, during the stay on the ISS, and again when the astronaut is back on Earth.

The first astronaut in the study is ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen, who arrived at the ISS on 27th August 2023. After a short acclimatization period, he has now started recording, and we have received the first two nights of recordings. We are very excited that the first data has shown to be of good quality, and we are looking forward to diving into the sleep analysis.

Andreas Mogensen will stay at the ISS for six months. During this period, he will record up to 20 nights of ear-EEG data.

Read more about the Sleep-in-Orbit project [here]

The Sleep-in-Orbit experiment is a part of Andreas Mogensen’s second mission to the ISS. Read more about the mission [here]

The Sleep-in-Orbit project is funded through the Center for Ear-EEG by T&W Engineering, William Demant Foundation, and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aarhus University. Moreover, the integration of the project into the ISS program has been supported by the European Space Agency (ESA). We deeply appreciate this support, without which the project would not have been possible.

Center for Ear-EEG

T&W Engineering

William Demant Foundation​​​​​​​

(Photo: ESA/NASA)

11-15. July 2022

EMBC 2022: Investigation of the Effect of Spatial Filtering for Detecting Auditory Steady-State Responses Recorded from Ear-EEG

Conference Paper about detection of ASSR in ear-EEG. The paper was presented as an oral presentation at EMBC 2022 in Glasgow by Anna Sergeeva.

28. Sep. 2021

New Paper Out: Sleep Monitoring Using Ear-Centered Setups: Investigating the Influence From Electrode Configurations

Using state-of-the-art deep learning for analysing ear-EEG, our newest paper shows both further increases in mobile sleep scoring performance, and that mobile sleep scoring is possible for a large number of different electrode positions. Published in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.