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Signal Processing and Distributed Computing


Our research group was founded by Christian Fischer Pedersen and Stefan Rahr Wagner in 2013 and consists of two faculty members and a varying number of group and guest members.

We conduct basic and applied research in computational and data-driven health technology with the purpose of improving human health and well-being while also enhancing delivery of healthcare. This is motivated by the constant demand for sustainable, participatory, preventive, personalized, economically tractable and better healthcare for all.

Our research topics include in particular biomedical signal/data/image processing and statistical learning for clinical decision support systems. Examples of our research are: i) predictive analytics for early disease onset detection and progression, ii) disease, disability and treatment monitoring at hospital or at home, and iii) information extraction from, often degraded, biomedical signals, data and images.

Our bodies are constantly communicating health information which can either be stored for subsequent processing or dealt with in real-time for immediate monitoring and response. In our work, we often address the following data and information pipeline:

In doing so, our technological development and innovation activities span in abstraction from computationally efficient and numerically stable algorithms to software architectures and systems.

Our activities are externally funded via national or international grants and we have led and participated in numerous research projects and co-organized a number of conferences and workshops. Through our activities, we have had the privilege of working in close collaboration with leading partners from industry, academia and the public sector.


We are always open to collaboration with new partners from academia and industry on themes related to our research and development areas. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss collaboration opportunities. Students that are interested in doing projects with our group are also very welcome to contact us.


Christian Fischer Pedersen
Signal Processing and Distributed Computing
Section of ECE, Dept. of Engineering, AU
Åbogade 34, DK-8200 Aarhus N. (map)

Email: cfp@eng.au.dk
Phone: +4541893318